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Dr. Kizzy Raphael, ND

Medical Director

Dr. Kizzy Raphael received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

Her initial interest in patient centered treatment was the result of an experience with a close family member who suffered from uncontrolled diabetes, eventually losing both kidneys, then succumbing to metastatic prostate cancer. This kindled a deep interest in natural medicine and patient care leading her to make a life altering career change, confident that she had found her calling.


Dr. Kizzy has experienced the healing power of natural medicine not just in patients but also first hand. After suffering from chronic fatigue brought on by a demanding work/life schedule, she consulted several medical doctors with no improvement. She then discovered naturopathic medicine and experienced great success.


Having traveled to over thirty countries, Dr. Kizzy has developed a unique perspective with her approach to nutrition, exercise, and stress management. In many parts of the world, integrative medicine or natural remedies are included in core medical practice and have not been crowded out by Western medicine. This observation has inspired her to teach her patients ways to incorporate these techniques into a busy American lifestyle.

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