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Are you ready to end the cycle of stress, fatigue, and burnout? Are you looking to break your reliance on prescription drugs or avoid them altogether? Do you desire a greater connection to your inherent healing power? If so, then working with a naturopathic doctor may be an excellent choice for you!

Welcome to Redwood Naturopathic Medicine, the practice of Dr. Kizzy Raphael ND and Dr. Amanda Wilms ND. If you are ready to finally break free from chronic symptoms and feel empowered in your journey to health, you’ve come to the right place. We are proud to be one of the most trusted functional medicine doctors in the Bay Area, and proudly serve our community here and provide virtual care for patients across the country. Under the intuitive, compassionate care of our doctors, you can finally understand the root causes of your suffering and find a gentle, sustainable path towards recovery.


Naturopathic medicine can be a great complement or alternative to conventional Western medicine and often includes a wide range of holistic therapies that treat the entire person as a unique individual. By exploring the energetic dynamics of the body, mind, and spirit, our doctors can create a targeted treatment plan to support your healing. It is within the synergy of nutrition, herbal therapies, and mindful intentional lifestyle changes that true and lasting wellbeing can be found. Dr. Kizzy specializes in treating digestive issues, thyroid disorders, and adrenal fatigue, as well as working with bioidentical hormones. While Dr. Amanda specializes in complex chronic illnesses: mycotoxin illness, environmental medicine, autoimmune conditions, PANDAS/PANS, and Lyme disease.

Our Approach To Patient Care



All major healing traditions across the globe acknowledge the intimate connection between the mind, body, and spirit. Instead of focusing on individual body parts or systems, we work on the whole person. Through personalized counseling care, Dr. Kizzy can facilitate your deeper awareness and lead you to a place of empowerment in your health.



Are you tired of being told that all of your bloodwork is normal, while you’re still feeling unwell? We understand! As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Kizzy can look over your labs, or order new ones, and reevaluate them from a functional medicine perspective. We can help identify deeper patterns that may give us clues as to why you’re suffering from symptoms.

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Herbal medicine can be an effective way to bring about balance within the body, often with fewer risks and side effects than medication. Our herb and plant medicine therapies are customized to suit your individual constitution, and the root causes of your conditions. 



When you are dealing with any health condition, it can be confusing trying to figure out which diet or lifestyle is best for you. We can help you identify which foods will best support your wellbeing, and which lifestyle changes will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Madison Steele, our holistic nutritionist and health coach, uses her extensive education and personal health journey to guide you through personalized, integrative approaches for long-term health and vitality.


Dr. Kizzy Raphael and Dr. Amanda Wilms are here to be your valued guide and ally along your healing journey. If you are curious about naturopathic medicine or want to see if Dr. Kizzy and Dr. Amanda would be a good fit for you, call or text us to schedule your free 15-minute consultation! 

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