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Dr. Amanda Wilms, ND

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About Dr. Wilms

I'm Dr. Amanda Wilms and my goal is to get you healthy and thriving. My practice and outlook are a bit different. I practice medicine from the perspective that disease arises from dysfunction of the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and/or spiritual aspects of the body. I look to restore health and wellbeing by guiding individuals to establish balance on each of these levels. 

Dr. Amanda Wilms is a naturopathic doctor who graduated from Bastyr University with a special interest in complex chronic illness. She completed advanced training in intravenous therapy, injection techniques, ozone therapy, mycotoxin illness, autonomic response testing, environmental medicine/toxicology, autoimmune conditions, bio-identical hormones, PANDAS/PANS, and vector-borne illness/Lyme disease.

With empathy and passion, she is committed to identifying the root causes of health issues and tailoring individualized treatment protocols. She enjoys helping people of all ages find their path toward wellness but has a special focus on pediatrics and women’s health.

Dr. Wilms has the drive to stay up to date with new treatment modalities and is continually furthering her education in the rapidly evolving field of integrative medicine. She uses a variety of treatment modalities and healing systems including naturopathy, biologic/bioregulatory medicine, homeopathy, and functional medicine. 

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